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Panchagavya Organic Fertilizer, Organic Farming

Panchagavya Organic FertilizerPanchagavya Organic Fertilizer‘Panchagavya’ is an Organic Fertilizer prepared using Ayurvedic formulation.The ingredients used are Cow Urine, Cow dung, Cow Ghee, Cow Milk, Cow Curd, Banana Fruit, Tender Coconut water, Jaggery & Water Prepared over a period of 34 days.

Formulation :: This Organic Liquid Fertilizer is in a concentrate form. 30 ml of this liquid can be mixed with one litre of water to make 3% solution. This solution can be sprayed / sprinked and also applied to the roots to get the desired results.


Effects of Panchagavya on plants::

Leaf :: Plants sprayed with Panchagavya invariably produce bigger leaves and develop denser canopy. The photosynthetic system is activated for enhanced biological efficiency, enabling synthesis of maximum metabolites and photosynthates.

Stem :: The trunk produces side shoots, which are sturdy and capable of carrying maximum fruits to maturity. Branching is comparatively high.

Roots :: The rooting is profuse and dense. Further they remain fresh for a long time. The roots spread and grow into deeper layers were also observed. All such roots help maximum intake of nutrients and water.

Yield :: There will be yield depression under normal circumstances, when the land is converted to organic farming from inorganic systems of culture. The key feature of Panchagavya is its efficacy to restore the yield level of all crops when the land is converted from inorganic cultural system to organic culture from the very first year. The harvest is advanced by 15 days in all the crops.It not only enhances the shelf life of vegetables, fruits and grains, but also improves the taste. By reducing or replacing costly chemical inputs, Panchagavya ensures higher profit.

Drought Hardiness :: A thin oily film is formed on the leaves and stems, thus reducing the evaporation of water. The deep and extensive roots developed by the plants allow to withstand long dry periods. Both the above factors contribute to reduce the irrigation water requirement by 30% and to ensure drought hardiness.

On the rural front 'Panchgavya' are capable of producing all-complete, cheap and highly effective non-toxic organic fertilizers and pest-repellents capable of saving billions.

Uses of Panchagavya:

• Increases immunity of plants and other living organisms to fight diseases; cures already infested plants and other living organisms
• Stimulates growth of plants with more branches;
• Sustains drought Conditions;
• Increases yield.

Nutrient Value: NPK - N - 505 ppm. P - 255 ppm. K - 360 ppm.

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